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Grass Cutting


  1. The number of times you mow your lawn depends on the amount of sun shine, rain (including irrigation), fertilize and the type of seeds used on the lawn.

  2. The most important rule of grass cutting is to avoid cutting more than one third  of the grass height, or it will affect their growth.  Grass cutting needs to be kept at the correct height depending on the type of grass and even during different time of year.  The grass in the early Spring (around April) and late fall (end of October) needs to be kept short.  For all other months it is best to keep a three inch mowing height for the lawn.

  3. Grass cutting needs to be stopped, if three weeks without rain during the summer months where the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius.  Mowing can resume after a heavy rain or manual irrigation or else the lawn will die as a result of compaction.

  4. Mowing job involves: a) Lawn mowing b) Trimming c) Cleaning up small amount of fallen leaves or branches.  Please call us to request cleaning areas outside the lawn area. 

  5. After mowing, an environmental approach to all grass clippings is to return them to the lawn and be used as fertilizer and help with water retention.  This is the normal practice by our government.


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