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It All Begins With Trust

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"Our promise is to improve your outdoor space for your enjoyment"


We are a family owned business since 1992 providing garden and lawn maintenance service that started with Sam (the owner) serving 30 clients growing to 6 teams serving over 1,000 clients for eight months of the year throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


Through university level education in Asia (Taipei University, Horticulture), North America (University of Guelph Turf Grass Institute and University of Guelph Master of Landscape Architecture) and three decades of work experience, we are able to research and use cutting edge material and technology where appropriate with great confident and success.


This makes us believe the service we provide is on par with the best of the business.  It is our responsibility to care for your garden like our own.  We believe in providing great customer service.


Evergreen Plant Care is not like many of the lawn maintenance  business around the Greater Toronto Area.  We care about your lawn and garden and we believe in the quality of service first and our bottom line second.


It is not just about completing a service on time but to finish the work promised to the best of our ability.  We take joy when we improved your outdoor space for your enjoyment through quality maintenance.


To provide quality maintenance, we don't believe in only lawn mowing (grass cutting), fertilizing, aeration, raking, weeding etc... as a stand alone service.  We look at maintaining your lawn and garden holistically rather then in bits and pieces.


We take pride in our technical knowledge in repairing lawn and garden maintenance through 20+ years of experience and education in related fields.  Your satisfaction and trust in our work and professional advice is important to us.  We are honest and dare to admit when we are wrong and have the courage to change but your trust in our professional judgement is extremely important to us. 


As our vision is to grow our family of clients from 1000 to 2500 in the very near future but will maintain the same philosophy of quality of service first and our bottom line second.


We want you to feel the same passion about your garden as we do.  You care, therefore we will work harder year after year to make your garden a place you enjoy.


Our mission is to hold a quality and trusted garden maintenance service in Greater Toronto area through innovation and education.  


We take pride in caring for our employees by following rules and regulations written by Ontario Ministry of Labour and awarding those who work hard, are responsible, are trusted, and show dedication for our company.  We strive to be #1 in employee and customer satisfaction.


Most importantly we provide a service that affords you to do what you want without worries.  Maintaining your outdoor landscape that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  I hope you also take pride in their own garden.


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