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Interlock Weeding



When necessary upon request.


Sometimes a complimentary service is offered as a once per season service.  This complimentary service is provided depending on time and supply and the result is not guaranteed.  Complimentary service provided the year before does not guarantee complimentary service the following year.  One time interlock weeding does not guarantee the elimination of weeds through out the growing season.  


Those who pay for this service will receive priority service and their service is guaranteed.



June to October



Use Iron chelate that selectively attacks broad leaf plants and removing the dead plant material with a trimmer.


Sometimes we will use concentrated vinegar to counteract weeds on interlocks as well.


In the long run, we suggest interlocks be filled with appropriate materials to reduce future weed growth.



To reduce visible weeds in the driveway, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing entrance to your home.


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