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Flower Bed Management


What we do


  1. Flower Bed management includes pruning shrubs, hedges, trees, soil cultivation and weed control.  We also attend to small trees (less than two stories high) that require spraying mineral oil (insect control), sulfur (bacterial prevention), biological insect control such as Bacillus thuringiensis (BT).  In addition, fertile soil, organic fertilizer (Cattle and sheep fece) can be added to enhance the soil’s organic matter.

  2. We also provide flower arrangements, dealing with perennial flowers, ornamental plants and small shrubs/trees.

  3. Our work encompasses transplant, replant, dividing plants, clean up fallen leaves and branches in the flowerbed during early fall and winter as well as trimming/cleanup of perennial plant’s leaves and flower.  It is possible to help protect plants from wind/snow damage by  using linen clothe.


What we don't do


  1. We do not design an entire yard at this moment.  We focus on individual flower bed and their maintenance.

  2. It is not within our scope of work to maintain large adult trees (above two stories high).  If you have questions regarding mature trees such as insect control, pruning, fertilizing, transplantation is dealt with by tree experts.


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